Dancing with the Stars

Late last year, soccer superstar Hope Solo competed in the  13 season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.  Though she was pulling double duty while training with the United States Women’s National Soccer Team, she was able compete in the DWTS semi-finals, nabbing the 4th spot in the competition.



2 comments on “Dancing with the Stars

  1. Hope, Love your scoccer, your style, your attitude and your presence on DWTS.
    Please get rid of the grandmother’s wrap and the unflatering boots.
    You have a great fan base so use it to take the “Trophy Ball”.
    Good luck

  2. I am a big fan of Hope Solo and I am supporting her on “dancing with the stars”. However I do not use facebook or Twitter so could one of you please tell her to be more clear to her supporters about online voting on abc.com. From some of the fans’ comments it is clear that some still think you can only vote by phone. Online voting is even more important for her international fans since it is their only means of voting.

    Also you may find this interesting: Hope solo made it onto “Parade” magazine’s pop culture poll 2011, apparently people think Jessica Biel would be the ideal actress to play Hope Solo on the big screan.


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